Other mini projects

To help me to know if my students were up for the challenge of project/ challenge based learning I started with mini projects.

I used math as my base for the mini projects. The first project dealt with the concepts of money. We needed to understand giving change and adding money amounts. To do this I chose to use a pizza restaurant s my project base. The details of the project were that the students were to create an online pizza restaurant presence. The online shop was to have a name, a slogan, and a menu for customers to choose from. Once this was set up students were given an amount of money. They were to visit a restaurant, order and pay for a meal. The owner of the restaurant was to process the order and give change to the customer.

Students learnt the skills of adding and subtracting money using real world examples. When we reflected on our process and skills it was interesting to note that the students noted the real world links to the project, such as creating menus, dealing with customers and understanding how to give change.

Creating a garden

Our next project will involve the grounds keeper talking to us about developing a garden bed in the school. We will be helping him to plan this.

Stay tuned for the outcome of this project.

The students and I learn alot through this project. I learnt that this project was a lot bigger than I first believed. The students discovered that designing a garden involved a lot of work Just to plan it.

The students began to realise where math is used in real life. They have enjoyed the real life application of math, in particular measurement.

The students also realised that using a tape measure is not as easy as it seems. They didn’t realise that they all could get different measurements. Upon reflection they realised that they needed to cheek their measurements by measuring twice and paying attention to the tape. They discovered that a longer tape measure was more accurate.

In the end they were able to accurately design a nice garden site, that included planting diagrams and a watering system.

Thanks for joining me for another up date.



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